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every fandom. any pairing

every fandom. any pairing.
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Any slash pairing in any fandom!


It's all about slash!!!

Interested in Sam and Dean going at it? It's Here!
Want to see some Clark/Lex! It's Here!
Looking for some Harry/Draco slashyness?! It's Here!
dying for some Chrolli?! It's Here!
Every slash pairing, in every fandom! It's Here!

Fanarts, fanfics, fanvids, manips, icons, wallpapers, interviews, fanmixes, music, news and every little bit of slash you can find is allowed! we're up for anything and everything here!


# RPS is allowed (as long as they belong to a fandom)
# Spoilers go behind a cut! ...if you're fandom is over, then go nuts!
# Tag your posts! ...i wanna be able to see stuff from a dizillion months ago!
# R content must go behind a cut! ...we love it, but there are kids here!
# Fics must indicate ratings, warnings and a small summary.
# Try not to hotlink!
# No bitching! No fighting!

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